Girls Aloud, the British girl group whose most recognizable member, at least in America, is ousted 'X Factor' Season 1 judge Cheryl Cole, have recorded a "comeback" single called 'Something New.' It's a perfectly executed cocktail of polished pop dosed with just the right amount of femme hip-hop swagger. Call it hip-pop!

'Something New' is also a hooky anthem that seeks to empower girls. It's not dissimilar to the scope of Beyonce's 'Run the World (Girls)' in some parts, and while Bey's song had more of a global, percussive and almost dirty feel, 'Something New' is as glossy as it gets. There's no reason that American pop fans and clubbers shouldn't latch onto this track. It's catchier than chicken pox.

The song was produced by Xenomania, who twiddled the knobs for all but one of the group's smashes, and it sticks to what the Girls do best, and that's slick, Euro dance anthems. The rapid-fire rapping which is dispersed throughout is a nice touch, giving 'Something New' a tough, sassy, street edge.

Vocally, Cole leads the song and she is the most prominently featured, which isn't surprising, since she gets the lion's share of media attention.

The main hook is "All I want is something new / Something I can hold on to / Baby let it drop / Catch me if you can / I don't wanna talk / I just wanna dance" along with some boastful bravado, about watching your back since Girls Aloud are the leaders of the pack. Lookout! All-gal slumber parties just got a new iPod playlist song!

We liken this to lolli-pop. It's saccharine and swee,t and while it might not provide any nutritional substance, it sure tastes good. We don't always need depth, but we do need to dance!

With 'Something New,' the five-member Girls Aloud are just as sexy as their fellow countrywomen in the Spice Girls, only with more synths and a slightly dubby sheen and more electro flashes.

Listen to Girls Aloud, 'Something New'