'Glee' star Dianna Agron became the victim of Twitter hacking when an obsessed fan figured out the password to her account over the weekend.

The hacker logged onto the 25-year-old's account and took the liberty of sending a series of messages, which were blasted to the actress' 787,000 followers. Although the tweets have since been removed, a string of the hacker's messages can be found on Oh No They Didn't.

The creepy tweets talked about how the star is "a super nice person" and "doesn't deserve" the hacking, using the fact that he or she "just guessed her password" as an excuse. Meanwhile online buzz about the hacking grew instantaneously, making #diannaspassword a top trending topic.

Another one of the erratic tweets implied that the hacker knew Agron's phone number: "Left her voicemail saying sorry, I truly am and I am not being evil and saying creepy stuff like Faberry FanFic Freaks…Klaine Sucks FYI."

Maybe Agron should consult Selena Gomez for some stalker advice! Since the incident, the actress has received an outpouring of support from fans, who have reprimanded the Twitter hacker. At press time, no one had been identified as the perpetrator.