In a hilarious new Funny or Die video, Matthew Morrison learns the hard way that not every group of misfits is meant to be a big, happy family like on 'Glee.'

The premise isn't crystal clear, but in this two-minute skit, it seems Matt is on a tour bus with a potential new glee club -- a "rag-tag band of misfits," as he calls them. He's pumped about the idea of making a new singing group, and tries relentlessly to create an 'Almost Famous' moment among them with numerous attempts at a 'Tiny Dancer' sing-along, but the kids just aren't having it.

After one teen tells the miffed coach to "Take your singing ambitions elsewhere," he's had enough, and puts on his headphones to zone off into a world of music. It's then, of course, that the bus full of students breaks into an ensemble version of the Eagles' classic, 'Take it Easy.'

In the end, it's the bus driver, 'The Sandlot' "you play ball like a girl" star Patrick Renna, that notices the humor in the whole event. "Now they're singing and Matt can't hear it!" he says. "Classic."

We think so too.

Watch Matthew Morrison's Funny or Die Skit