Quinn Fabray (Dianna Agron) stole the show on tonight's 'I Am Unicorn' episode of 'Glee.' The pink-haired former cheerleader found her inner-rebel prior to last week's premiere, and found herself hanging out with all the wrong people. In this episode, however, she went back to blonde locks -- but not her good self.

Given, the Cheerio/New Directions prep made it through most of the episode with her bubblegum-tinted strands, but decided to return to her original color for a good cause. Idina Menzel returned to 'Glee' as Shelby Corcoran in the second show of the season, most likely to tie up loose ends with the birth daughter she gave up for adotion, Rachel, and reunite her own adopted daughter Beth with her original birth parents, Quinn and Puck.

However, we don't think she intended to reunite the family permanently, but that's the impression that Quinn got ... Or at least the outcome she is going to force in future episodes, no matter who gets in her way. To get in touch with her baby girl, Quinn decided to clean up her act physically and return to fair golden hair and a clean exterior, but revealed to Puck (quite evilly, we might add), that she has malicious plans to re-obtain full custody of Beth.

We'll have to tune in to next week's 'Asian F' episode to see what happens, but one thing we know for sure is that while bad girl Quinn is still alive and well, she's now blonde for Season 3.