Tuesday's 'Hold On to Sixteen' episode of 'Glee' saw a major upset at Sectionals... Or maybe not. Still, PopCrush has your recap with all of the juicy spoilers right here.

From the opening scene, we learned that Quinn was aiming to get Shelby fired for sleeping with Puck, but Rachel set out to do everything in her power to see that it didn't happen. With Sectionals on the brain, New Directions very quickly realized that they'd need a secret weapon to win. Thus, Rachel and Finn set out to find Sam -- aka "White Chocolate" -- who was four hours away doing strip tease dances in a dive bar, showing off his goods in a pair of boxers. Using their convincing skills, the pair manage to bring him back to McKinley, and he truly makes an entrance with Toby Keith's country drinking song, 'Red Solo Cup' (so, apparently he has two new bad habits he's got to kick).

Sebastian is back too, and he's openly on the prowl for Blaine's heart and hot bod... Whether Kurt likes it or not. Quinn is also after something and has her eye on Trouty Mouth Sam, but in his words, he thinks she's got "white girl problems" and quotes 'Jack and Diane' when he tells her, "hold on to sixteen as long as you can," hence the episode title. We learn later that truthfully, he's still got Mercedes in the forefront of his mind. Yesss, plot twist!

Without many girls to help New Directions, how will they win at Sectionals? Sex is the answer, according to Sam, but he and Blaine butt heads on the idea. One good thing comes of it, however, and Finn and the late Warbler develop a new friendship after fighting one another all season.

Once Sectionals hit our television screens, we were all about the excitement -- and matching outfits. Up first, the Unitards delivered a saucy number from 'Evita' in 'Buenos Aires,' which truly gave the other teams a run for their money.

Face to face with Shelby, Quinn confronts the Puck situation with a threat, but after a harsh talking to decides not to go through with telling Principal Figgins, proving that she's truly growing up. Meanwhile, the Troubletones took the stage to compete for the first time ever. Led by Santana and Mercedes, the girls destroyed a mash-up of ‘Survivor/I Will Survive’ (Destiny’s Child/Gloria Gaynor) that was unlike anything we'd ever seen before on 'Glee.' Talk about serious girl power.

Shockingly, Tina (!!!) and Kurt led the New Directions in their first performance of the evening, which was Jackson 5's 'ABC' -- and we even got a little vocal action from Mike Chang. Without the typical shining stars to overpower the flavor, we were able to see what other kind of spice the team has got. From there, Quinn led the team into Janet Jackson's sexy hit 'Control,' but let Blaine take the reins and run with them to finish out the number. The Troubletones were an unreal kind of good, but New Directions always leave us feeling fulfilled.

Somehow, New Directions were given a whopping handful of performances to everyone else's one. Sam, Artie, Puck, Blaine and Finn, dressed in matching white suits, led the group in another famous Jackson's hit, 'Man in the Mirror,' which got the audience on their feet.

Finally, it was time to hand out the Sectionals trophies. The Unitards walked away with third place, as expected, which only left room for the two McKinley groups. An in an even more expected upset, New Directions trumped the Troubletones to take home No. 1.

Later in the bathroom, Quinn, of all people, gave the girls a pep talk following their big loss, and somehow, managed to talk them back to the New Directions with the promise of Troubletone-led performances in the future. With Rachel back from her suspension, the favored glee club performed just one more number, ‘We Are Young’ (fun feat. Janelle Monae)... With help from Mercedes, Brittany and Santana.

Now that the gang's back together, we can't wait to see what 'Glee' has in store for next week's 'Extraordinary Merry Christmas' holiday episode. Tis the season!