Next week on 'Glee,' McKinley High will be more sexually charged than ever, if you can believe that. We've got all of your spoilers for 'The First Time' right here!

Gleeks can pretty much guess what will happen in the episode, given its name and the new promo clip that aired Tuesday -- but the fact that Rachel will lose her V-card to Finn has overshadowed some of the other plot jaw-droppers set to explode in the forthcoming episode.

For starters, Coach Beiste will be back and better than ever ... Bringing with her the Warblers! Finally, Dalton Academy's musical gents will gain some screen time post-Blaine's exit, though as we learned earlier this week, they'll get a new leader in Sebastian (Grant Gustin), who will also join the show in 'The First Time' episode.

Additionally, like Rachel and Finn, Kurt and Blaine are going to take their relationship to the next level and have sexual relations for the first time, according to E! Online. Oh, and Sue is expected to get a new enemy (not that she has any friends).

But perhaps the most intriguing plot spoiler is that Finn is going to get his heart broken! Could Rachel really just be out for a little action? A little shake and bake? A little love 'em and leave 'em? We doubt it -- maybe she just couldn't take the heat and opts to get out of the kitchen for good, leaving her stud in the dust.

Whatever happens, we can't wait for 'Glee' to shake, rattle and roll with 'The First Time,' which airs Nov. 8.