Teen pop star Greyson Chance has revealed the cover for his debut album 'Hold On 'Til the Night,' due in stores Aug. 2; and it features the young performer sitting on top of a familiar-looking piano.

Rather than depicting a close-up image, the cover shows the 13-year-old from a distance, atop a piano featuring words that relate to his life at the moment -- such as laughing, kids, art, memories and, well, paparazzi.

"Everything that I do is very meaningful, and it has a background, it has a reason behind it," Chance tells PopCrush in regards to his craft. Looks like he's taking it literally on his upcoming LP, which features an animated skyline and linguistically-inclined buildings that showcase words like universe, hope, tomorrow and living; a relaxed Chance in a grey shirt and jeans sits while words fly off the instrument beneath him.

And of course, Greyson devotees will recognize the piano from the music video for 'Waiting Outside the Lines' -- his debut single.

Chance has been hard at work on the album since he was signed by Ellen DeGeneres, after his remarkably mature voice on a cover of Lady Gaga's 'Paparazzi' caught the talk show host's attention last year. 'Hold On 'Til the Night' also features the track 'Unfriend You.'

Greyson has also been busy touring and enjoying life on the road, as he told PopCrush in an exclusive interview.

Watch Greyson Chance's 'Waiting Outside the Lines' Music Video