Gym Class Heroes have released a new video for their Adam Levine-assisted single 'Stereo Hearts' in which the hip-hop group's shadows are more animated than their real-life counterparts.

Frontman Travie McCoy is hanging out on his stoop with an old-school boombox that begins blasting the latest single. The sunny day lends itself to creating larger-than-life silhouettes of the group that transform into  alternate shapes and enthusiastic breakdancing images.

While Levine doesn't get his own shadow puppet, he does appear in the sequence through vintage television sets, which are displayed in store windows around the town. Much like the video, the Maroon 5 singer wasn't in the studio with the band when they recorded the single. In fact, the group sang the song together for the first time during a rehearsal space run-in that was documented for and aired on 'The Voice.'

"We were actually in the studio rehearsing collectively as a band about a month ago for a show in California. We had never practiced the song all together before," guitarist Disashi Lumumba-Kasongo tells Billboard. "Adam Levine just happened to be there with his people from 'The Voice' and we were playing the song and all of a sudden, Adam just flies through the door and starts singing the chorus. It was pretty amazing."

'Stereo Hearts' is the lead single from Gym Class Heroes' new album, 'The Papercut Chronicles II,' which is slated to be released this year.

Watch the Gym Class Heroes 'Stereo Hearts' Video Feat. Adam Levine