Two months ago, the 'American Idol' results episodes this season were rife with recognizable talent and pop stars from the elite A-list. You know, names like Katy Perry, or 50 Cent, and even Kelly Clarkson. One of the final episodes featured three teenage Italian tenors known as Il Volo and the web has been abuzz ever since. Just who is Il Volo, other than a triumvirate of three boys with voices that could stop clocks and make Italian-American grandmothers weep for their homeland?

"The day after 'American Idol,' our management said to us, that we had 30 million viewers. We said, 'Really?' We were really excited. Before 'American Idol,' we were three unknowns. Our lives changed because of 'American Idol.' Then, we were in Times Square and everyone recognized us," the band tells PopCrush.

The newly-recognized-in-the-busiest-intersection-of-NYC trio known as Il Volo is comprised of Piero Barone, Ignazio Boschetto and Gianluca Ginoble; they got start in their native land, appearing on the popular Italian talent show 'Ti Lascio Una Canzone' in 2009. However, CBS News reports that the young men initially appeared on the show as individual contestants until a producer got the bright idea to pair them up! From that moment forward, they made a name for themselves with their absolutely stunning version of the popular Italian standard, 'O Sole Mio.'

'Ti Lascio Una Canzone' is like Italy's version of 'Idol' and the group has come full circle, singing the song on 'Idol,' where even the judges gave them a standing ovation because their version of the song was so moving. It was such a wonderful rendition that it left us doubting the fact that these boys are actually in their teens because they sing like men. Barone, Boschetto and Ginoble are certainly old souls trapped in Jonas Brothers-aged bodies! "We met on a show like 'American Idol' for young people," the band says to PopCrush about their genesis. "It is a show for new voices. And then we got together. From there was born Il Volo."

The boys did admit that 'O Sole Mio' is their signature song, but it's also there favorite, "since it was our first song together. People ask where we are from and when we say Italy, they say, 'Oh, pasta, spaghetti, pizza, 'O Sole Mio.''

Another compelling aspect of Il Volo -- the term translates to "flight" in Italian -- is that they do not look like matinee idols or pop stars. They look like regular Italian boys who just so happen to sing as though they were trained by Luciano Pavarotti or Andrea Bocelli. Il Volo's self-titled debut, which was recorded in both Los Angeles, Rome and at London's legendary Abbey Road Studios, is out now.

While their English is a little broken, they were some of the most engaging and musically-minded teens we've ever sat down with. This was proven when the boys were walking through the hotel to the restaurant to sit down for our interview, as they were singing the classic '80s dance anthem, 'Everybody Dance Now,' by C&C Music Factory. Il Volo were not kidding about loving all types of music. The also admitted to us they are dying to duet with Celine Dion, showing off their versatility.

While their native land is known for its coffee, serving some of the best beans the world has to offer, Il Volo did espouse their love for an American standard. "In Italy, we drink coffee, but smaller. We like American coffee, but usually get espresso here. Starbucks is amazing. Here, it is the best," they surprisingly say.

The trio of teens are going to need a lot of coffee in the next few months, as they canvas the globe, racking up visits and appearances in Mexico, Canada, Germany, New Zealand and Australia. They do hope to return to America for a tour when they can, but nothing is set in stone ... Yet. They also teased that their next album may include more originals.

Originals or not, we're hooked on Il Volo like a coffee drinker is on caffeine!

Watch the Il Volo Perform on 'American Idol'