Chances are, you've already heard Jai Waetford's songs "Get to Know You" and "Shy." While the 16-year-old wowed viewers on The X-Factor Australia, his career is only getting started!

When he stopped by the PopCrush office in New York, we wanted to know more about, well, everything. From his music to life in Australia, Jai gave us all the deets -- and we've summarized the highlights for you right here!

He can't offer any tips about approaching girls -- because they don't make him nervous!

Despite having a sweet song called "Shy," Jai feels confident when it comes to the ladies. When we asked him if he has any advice for "shy" guys like the one in the song, he said, "Not really, because I don’t really get nervous around girls. I wrote the song in thought, not from personal experience. But I think that would be pretty cool for a girl to be like that pretty that she’s [makes him feel like that]."

He likes animals, even spiders.

Our conversation turned toward animals in Australia, particularly spiders. Jai admitted that they spook him a little, but "I’m just not like 'Oh my god! A spider!'"

5 Seconds of Summer showed him what's possible.

About those other Aussie singers ... Jai spoke about 5 Seconds of Summer and Cody Simpson, noting that the former proved how career-changing success in America is. "I had know idea who [5 Seconds of Summer] were in Australia before they came to the U.S.," Jai explained. "So it shows how powerful the U.S. is."

And as for another famous Australian singer, Cody Simpson? "I’ve met Cody. He’s really cool. He’s actually quiet because he was injured when I saw him."

One thing that scares him more than spiders? Kangaroos!

There we were, thinking that kangaroos were the cute animals portrayed in cartoons. Not exactly. Jai gave us the lowdown on what they're really like, saying, "Kangaroos are actually the wildest things. I’m more scared of a kangaroo than a spider. [I’ve had wild encounters with kangaroos] heaps of times because my uncle has property, so there’s lots of them on his property. They’re pests over there. They’re so aggressive. They’re massive, too. They stand like eight feet tall. If they feel threatened by you, they’ll actually chase you down." Eeeek!

The direction of his music is still being decided.

Of course, we wanted to know everything about Jai's full-length project and what we can expect from his music. He didn't reveal too much, but he did tell us, "'Shy' was sort of a stepping stone to leave whatever I want to do next open. Because the single I released before 'Shy,' called 'Get to Know You,' was really fun, upbeat, poppy ... I wanted to release something that allows me to leave whatever I want to do open. So no, there’s no specific route. We’re just testing things at the moment and finding out what people like.