When James Durbin was voted off 'American Idol' last week, he said that he did what he came to do and that was to give a metal a chance and a voice on the show. Durbin did just that, performing Judas Priest and Bon Jovi songs (even with guitar deity Zakk Wylde); and while he is not Season 10's big winner, he is going to continue to give metal a chance as he moves forward in his career beyond the show.

In a recent interview with MTV, Durbin talked about wanting to work with master timekeeper and former Dream Theater drummer Mike Portnoy and how he hopes to work with his best friend from home, who will offer the shred to Durbin's high-pitched wail! He added that his favorite album is 'Holy Driver,' which was released by the late, great Dio in 1983 and is largely viewed as a benchmark in metal vocal performances.

But for now, Durbin is focusing on what could be his debut single, which he heard last week and fell in love with since it was heavy with an edge, but also palpable enough to get on the radio! "I really dig it," he says of the song. "It's something I can really work."

The Durbs was bummed about his elimination but it did not crush him beyond repair, since, after all, that would not be a very metal reaction and plenty of runners up and fourth place finishers (like Chris Daughtry) have gone on to enjoy a wealth of post-'Idol' success on the charts and on the shelves. "I've been really thinking about why I came on this show and why I even auditioned in the first place," he explains. "It's for my family and to try and give a voice to a genre of music that seems like it's slowly fading away. I really accomplished a lot on the show, and I'm grateful for the opportunity."

We haven't heard the last of James Durbin or his siren-like wail.

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