If you didn't know why James Massone has made it this far in 'The Voice' competition before tonight, you should be well aware now. The sweet-natured Bostonite tried a different kind of song on for size during the Team Cee Lo vs. Team Adam live shows episode, singing Norah Jones' 'Don't Know Why' -- much to the delight of, well, everyone.

Cee Lo called it ahead of time, and chose this particular song based on James' ability to make good with girls. When the curtain opened on his performance, Massone was seen seated on a park bench, though most of what could be heard was the scream of young girls in the audience.

The 24-year-old mechanic could have a good thing going for him (read: greasy Bieber), so long as he remembers that he's legally an adult. Even Cee Lo, who donned an oversized red suit on Monday, seemed to melt at the subtle and sweet lines James was dishing as he made his way around the room, touching girls' hands and smiling from somewhere within.

Though James wasn't exactly out of the park amazing in his stand-alone performance, he certainly came bearing an undeniable talent that will be hard for America -- okay, American females -- to ignore.

Okay, and Blake Shelton too. "I almost threw my panties on the stage," the country icon said, adding that he wants to vote for him -- nevermind his own team.

Christina Aguilera (who, truth be told seemed to have her own panties in a wad) cited pitch problems, but Blake chimed in again, sharing, "Yeah, I almost pitched my panties," which only furthered his point.

Needless to say, James Massone felt the love tonight, and hopefully that love will transfer into votes from around the globe.

Watch James Massone Perform 'Don't Know Why' on 'The Voice'