Adorable! Jared Leto has revealed his Oscar date and the cutest pic of her reaction to the news that she would be accompanying him to the big night. But we've got an even bigger question: How will the actor and rock star wear his long hair?

First, about his date. Who is the lucky lady? A Hollywood hottie or sexy starlet? Nope. It's his mom!

Leto shared a photo of his mom's big smile, expressing some serious joy at attending the ceremony. What a good son he is. Hi, mom!

He captioned it: "My mothers face when @shannonleto and I told her she was coming to the #Oscars with us!"

There is no better date than mom.

Leto is up for Best Supporting Actor for his emotionally resonant and courageous portrayal of a cross-dressing HIV patient in 'Dallas Buyer's Club.'

He had spent the past decade letting his acting career simmer on the backburner while he became a legit rock star with Thirty Seconds to Mars. He chooses roles carefully now, and he is the frontrunner to take home Oscar gold. The Oscars represent a monster career moment for him, so he has to look good. We're sure he'll don a snazzy tux, but what about that long, flowing hair of his?

He might end up sporting a wet man bun -- and let's face it, wet head is a trend this year, with Beyonce rocking it at the Grammys and Lea Michele doing the same with her 'Louder' cover.

Leto's hair stylist Chase Kusero spoke about possible looks for Leto on Oscar night (March 2). They had considered cleaning him up with a chop but decided against it -- or so they say.

"It’s really important that he doesn’t look like a woman -- that’s the biggest challenge," Kusero said. "It’s been hard to have him not end up on the 'best hair' lists -- and that definitely hasn’t been our intention."

Kusero was thinking of a low bun, saying, "The big thing on my shoulders right now is if the hair is gonna be up or down -- I’m voting up, because we’ve only done it maybe once before." Kusero admitted to liking the wet look, too.

Is there a wet man bun in Leto's future?! Probably. The same can be said about an Oscar statue.