Jason Derulo misses a girl so bad, it's almost driving him crazy in the new music video 'Breathing,' which PopCrush is proud to bring you exclusively.

The Miami native's latest video was directed by Colin Tilley, who was also behind the camera for the singer's last video, 'It Girl.' Derulo is known for his exciting dance moves, but in the beginning of the 'Breathing' video, he's stuck in an old chair surrounded by cobwebs as he sings that he just can't get over an old love: "I only need you when my heart is beating / You are the color that I'm bleeding / I only miss you when I'm breathing."

Of course, you can't hold down Derulo when there's an opportunity to dance. When he reaches the climactic yell of the chorus, stretching out the word "breathing" for several seconds, he starts twitching and finally jumps out of his chair and demonstrates his moves to the rhythm of the tribal-sounding music.

In other shots, Derulo shows off his abs, as well as his bones and muscles, which can be partially seen underneath, thanks to some nifty visual effects designed to show the intensity of his emotion. Derulo even takes things to a new level with a dance routine in which his arms stay crossed, as if locked in a straightjacket. He may be depressed, but he can still move!

Derulo was hands-on with the 'Breathing' video, working with Tilley to conceive a darker video concept than usual and creating many of the dance moves.

'Breathing' is the latest release from Derulo's sophomore album 'Future History,' which you can purchase here. The singer called the album the "greatest accomplishment in my life right now" when PopCrush interviewed him in September.

Watch the Jason Derulo 'Breathing' Video