A brand-new Jason Derulo track has hit the web called 'Breathing,' and it features the R&B star embracing the dance floor once again.

A brief tribal-sounding chant, sampled from the 1998 V.A.S.T. song 'Touched,' opens and closes the track and fits in nicely when paired with the house-influenced rhythm. The beat is not as in-your-face as many current dance songs. It's actually pretty chilled-out until the chorus, when Derulo screams, "I only miss you when I'm breathing," his final note stretched out for several seconds to drive home the point.

The Miami singer conveys his determination to win back a past love when he sings, "This ain't no ordinary feeling / You are the only thing that I believe in / I know you're coming back to me / I will be waiting here for you 'til the end."

'Breathing' is a song we could definitely get down to in a club. It was evidently produced by DJ Frank E, who was responsible for the similar-sounding tracks 'Yeah 3X' by Chris Brown and 'Tonight (I'm Lovin' You),' by Enrique Iglesias.

With 'Breathing,' 'Pick Up the Pieces,' 'Make It Up As We Go,' 'That's My Shhh,' 'It Girl' and 'Don't Wanna Go Home,' 'Future History' is shaping up to be an impressive album. The record, which Derulo calls "my greatest achievement," arrives on Sept. 27.

Listen to Jason Derulo, 'Breathing'