If you were surprised at how fast Jay-Z was able to record a tribute to his daughter, Blue Ivy Carter, so soon after her Jan. 7 birth -- well, don't be. The soulful lullaby 'Glory' was actually hashed out weeks in advance, according to the track's producer Pharrell Williams.

“It was something we had planned before it happened, so we were basically waiting,” Pharrell revealed to MTV News during the red carpet event at the Oscars. "That was like our nod and homage to when Stevie [Wonder] did it for his baby, Asia [on 'Isn't She Lovely']. And we weren't trying to make the same song at all, it was like we wanted to capture a moment in time to commemorate the birth of his baby. I did the same thing with [my baby] Rocket, I'm just more quiet and private about my life."

Jay-Z was certainly forthright on 'Glory' as he detailed how B.I.C. was conceived and Beyonce's previous miscarriage that left them wondering if their “child of destiny" would ever be born. At the end of the song, Hov sounds like a man who has finally figured out what his purpose is in life.

"For [Jay] it was important for him to stop everything that he had going on and just sort of make statement to his baby and his wife," says Pharrell. "I was honored to be a filmmaker for that beat."

And Pharrell deserves an Oscar for Best Original Song because it was truly an inspiring tune and a great moment for hip-hop.

Thanks Jay-Z and Pharrell.

Listen to ‘Glory’ Feat. Blue Ivy