Here's some news we're happy to hear! Once acrimonious exes Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony are getting along better than ever -- even better than when they were actually married!

Friends of the former couple told TMZ that during the last months of their marriage, the pair barely spoke, saying there was "virtual radio silence" between them. That's got to be tough when you've got little tykes! The source went on to say that when the couple did interact, it wasn't pretty. There was yelling, fighting and often a lot of tears from poor J. Lo.

However, the split seems to be just what the doctor ordered for the duo. Anthony and Lopez's pals said that since divorcing, they've been co-parenting and communicating with minimal issues. This should come in handy since they're also working together on their series, 'Q'Viva!' Sources said the show has brought them closer and that they love filming -- and even that a reconciliation may happen.

We're taking that last part with a grain of salt. Marc Anthony recently got a tattoo in honor of his new girlfriend, Shannon de Lima, and Lopez seems to be head over heels for her hunky young stud, Casper Smart. The report supports the 'American Idol' judge's assertion that she and Anthony are like "Sonny and Cher after the divorce." The pair's deep mutual respect and admiration transcends their romantic relationship. We're glad to see them getting along!