Unlike many of the contestants on 'The Voice,' Jermaine Paul has actually seen quite a bit of success in the music industry. Prior to his stint on the show, Paul was actually making a living performing backup vocals for Alicia Keys. Before he took the stage, The 'Fallin'' songstress even sent Paul a good luck message, telling him "It's your time to shine!"

Even with Keys' encouraging words, Paul still admitted to struggling with the decision to pursue his own career, saying, "This is me walking away from a situation most people wouldn't walk away from. I'm here to give myself the chance to be a solo act." As he took the stage to perform an R&B rendition of Avril Lavigne's breakout hit 'Complicated,' it was clear that Paul was giving it his all. He belted out the lyrics, taking on a gravelly tone at times, while slowing things down at others. His stage presence was especially captivating, and he had the audience flipping out during his entire performance.

After Paul hit his last note, Blake Shelton and Cee Lo Green were facing off against one another to capture the crooner for their team. "I can hear the swag. It sounded like swag. You sung it with a cool and with a confidence man," Green told Paul. Despite their positive reactions, Paul egged on both judges saying that "need" is a better word than "want," and he really wants to be "kept" on whichever team he finds himself on. Shelton half-joked, "I'm not gonna sit here and say the word keep to you because that's something Adam would say and it's a lie. I wouldn't lie to you," to which Levine comically responded, "You son of a b----."

Ultimately, at the end of the day, Jermaine Paul surprised us by choosing Blake over Cee Lo. Shelton assured him that he isn't just looking for country performers, but instead is seeking raw talent and that special something. We'll just have to wait and see if the judges and America will "keep" Paul around for a while!

Watch Jermaine Paul Perform 'Complicated' on 'The Voice'