Joe Jonas has been receiving good reviews for the R&B-influenced direction on his solo debut 'Fastlife,' but the new sound might take a little longer to catch on with fans. The album failed to crack the Top 10 in its first week of release, landing at No. 15 on the Billboard 200 album chart.

'Fastlife' sold about 18,000 copies during its initial sales week. That's far less than the 82,000 sold by Joe's brother Nick, whose 'Who I Am' entered at No. 3 in February 2010. Of course, Jonas Brothers fever has died down quite a bit since then, so comparing the numbers might be unfair.

Yahoo! notes that other boy band members have experienced similar growing pains when it comes to going solo. While Justin Timberlake shot into the stratosphere, his 'N Sync bandmate JC Chasez peaked at No. 17 with his solo effort. Former New Kids on the Block members Jordan Knight and Joey McIntyre only got to Nos. 29 and 49, respectively.

We're guessing that the more people listen to Joe's 'Fastlife' record, the more they'll like it. The album includes the seductive hit 'Just in Love,' the slick 'Love Slayer' and the appealing slow jam 'Lighthouse.' In the meantime, Jonas will continue to promote the album with appearances on outlets like 'The Wendy Williams Show.'