Now this is what we call swag, swag, swag. Justin Bieber's dad Jeremy posed the question for the ages. What do you get someone who has everything for their birthday? Well, Papa Biebs came up with an amazing gift for his eldest child -- an all-black, customized and personalized motorcycle that mimics that of Batman. Cue the theme song for 'The Dark Knight.'

While the Biebs spent much of his 19th bday doing something that rhymes with itching about his party being prematurely shut down, causing some celebs to react in a "STFU" fashion, a smile should spread across his face thanks to the amazing gift from Jeremy and his baby sis Jazmyn and baby bro Jaxon, who are two of the cutest little tots EVER!

The bike has plenty of personalizations, referencing his 35 million Twitter followers, his lucky number 6, the Batman logo on the seat, his crown tattoo and more. Bieber, Sr. clearly put a lot of thought into the bike, which will be another set of wheels that the paparazzi can chase. Screw that Superbike he bought a year ago.

Little Jazzy and Jax also turn up in the video to wish their big brother a happy bday. We bet that made any residual annoyance from his party being shut down melt away.

"Happy 19th birthday, Justin. We love ya, we appreciate ya and we hope you love the bike," his dad said before turning it over to the Bieblets.

Last year, Papa Biebs got Biebs' initials, which are the same as his own, tattooed on him. A nice father-son bond, right? Or was this Jeremy's way of competing with manager Scooter Braun, who gave the kid that flashy, tricked out, chromed Fisker Karma last year?

We had to ask...