Someone keep the keys away from Lil Twist!

The web is abuzz with news that Justin Bieber has added a leopard-print car to an already high-profile fleet of vehicles in his name. That's a lot of wheels for a teen. Let's hope he doesn't peel around his Calabasas neighborhood, causing a confrontation with a neighbor that leads to a saliva spew.

The Biebs has a SwagCar -- a tricked out SmartCar -- and he has a chromed, environmentally friendly and seriously pricey Fisker Karma, as well as a Ferrari. The latter two sets o' wheels are vehicles that his pal Lil Twist has shown little respect for, leaving us questioning the Biebs' decisions to lend him the cars.

He also has a Batman motorcycle that his father and siblings customized for his bday this year.

We expected The Biebs to have a purple car, since that's his fave color. But this leopard-print car (an aerial shot of which landed on Twitter) is certainly the type of ride that will attract the paparazzi that he is always trying to avoid.

The car, if indeed the property of the Biebs, is sorta ugly and incredibly flashy. You know, maybe he should let Twist drive this car and keep the nicer ones for himself.