Justin Bieber's manager says the reports about low ticket sales for a recently-canceled Bieber gig in Portugal are false. Scooter Braun claims the show was scrapped due to logistical problems.

Bieber was scheduled to perform Pavilhao Atlantico in Lisbon, Portugal on March 11-12. The first of the two shows is still taking place as planned, but the second was called off due to "unforeseen circumstances," which U.K. paper The Mirror claimed was code language for "low ticket sales."

Braun disputes that report, telling Gossip Cop that both concerts were in fact sold out, but the second one had to be nixed because of "issues with load out," saying there were logistical issues with local unions' ability to take down the stage and pack up the equipment after the concert.

Braun insists that ticket sales were not an issue, claiming that both Portugal gigs had sold out. As for the Mirror report that there simply wasn't enough demand for tickets, Braun says, "The British tabloids are full of s---.”

Justin has had a rough few weeks, from the "worst birthday" of his life to run-ins with photographers to collapsing on stage, but we know he has Beliebers in every corner of the globe, so perhaps the technical issue explanation makes more sense than a lack of demand for tickets.

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