Justin Bieber may need to go back to driving school. The 'Beauty and a Beat' singer got pulled over yet again last night (Nov. 13), this time while joyriding in his Ferrari. (We're a little jealous. Just a little.)

TMZ reports that Biebs was driving around with a guy pal in the passenger seat when he was pulled over at about 6:30 PM PT in West Hollywood. A Los Angeles County Sheriff's cruiser flashed its lights and blared its sirens, forcing the teen pop prince to pull over -- which Bieber actually took a photo of and posted to his Instagram!

Biebs was said to be cooperative and polite when dealing with the po-pos ... but he still got a ticket. It's unclear what the offense actually was at this time, but if his iPhone was handy enough to photograph the cop car, then maybe a cell phone charge had something to do with it. (That would make him a bit of a hypocrite if the case, no?)

This stop is only the latest in a pretty checkered driving record for Biebs, who, at 18, hasn't been behind the wheel for long. When he first got his now infamous Fisker Karma, there was a chance he could have been ticketed for its purple lights and tinted windows, though those are rarely primary offenses (but if he were pulled over for something else, like speeding, they may have been added to the ticket). Back in September, he inadvertently caused a crash between two overly aggressive paparazzi, and over the summer he was involved in a high speed chase so dangerous that a new law may be put in place to keep photogs at bay.

All that and a breakup with Selena Gomez? It's a rough week for the Biebs. Keep your chin up (and your eyes on the road)!

Update: According to a report from ET (via Yahoo), Bieber was pulled over in West Hollywood at 6:25 PM on Nov. 13 for making an unsafe left turn and having expired registration. He was ticketed and sent on his way.

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