A-ha! We knew there was something behind Justin Bieber's recent inexplicable and head-scratching tweet about Mariah Yeater, the woman who claimed he fathered her son. Turns out The Biebs has penned a song about the gold-digger for his new album 'Believe.'

It is not 100 percent certain or confirmed that the song will appear on the final album or not. We had wondered why The Biebs resurrected the long-dead story via a tweet. Now it's clear.

"There's a song about that girl that said she was gonna have my baby, Mariah Yeater," The Biebs told reporters in London, according to The New York Post. Of course, this was after he was mobbed at Heathrow!

The Biebs continued, "There are songs about things I'm going through. I wrote songs about different situations."

While it's not likely he namechecks Yeater directly in the song, he may offer a broad stroke look at the circumstances via lyrics and sing about how he dealt with it. The Biebs will probably touch upon his feelings regarding the subject, as opposed to flat out dissing her. That's what we think at least. Mariah wished he was her 'Boyfriend,' but he never met her, much less impregnated her.

The Biebs confirmed that "we've recorded like 40 songs. Every song has a piece of me ... It's so cool to do different styles and step out of my comfort zone."

So the good news is that 'Believe,' which drops June 19, will be a personal record for the singer, since situations in his personal life informed the songs. We can't wait. While it remains to be seen if the Yeater-inspired song will end up as a B-side or on another release, we think it's cool that the singer used music in a cathartic way. It just sucks that a troublemaker like Yeater gets immortalized in a song.