You know how you're stoked just to get a free dessert at Applebee's on your birthday? Justin Bieber has proved once more that he's way beyond that. In addition to two mansions and a car (and a fan!), Biebs got another birthday surprise: another wax figure in his likeness.

Bieber's newest doppelganger features a slightly dressed up Biebs, clad in a white button down shirt, black vest and matching tie, black pants and checkered belt. He's even wearing a black watch! Pretty snazzy for someone inanimate, no? Hollywood Life reports that a special, lucky Belieber got to unveil the statue and sang 'One Less Lonely Girl' for the crowd at the Hollywood Madame Tussaud's gallery.

This is only the latest in Bieber wax figures. In October, a weird replica of the star was unveiled in Spain. A holiday wax figure of the 'Boyfriend' singer, complete with an accompanying statue of girlfriend Selena Gomez, creeped us out in December. This January, Bieber was unveiled once more in Las Vegas, lookin' sharp in an all-black ensemble.

While we're sure he is flattered by the gift, we can't help but think he may have gotten more use out of a gift card.