While Jimmy Fallon didn't appear on 'SNL' during Justin Timberlake's hosting / performing gig this weekend, JT did appear on 'Late Night With Jimmy Fallon' last night (March 11), performing 'Pusher Love Girl' and sitting down for an interview.

Don't you just love the fancy dance moves?

Big ups to JT for performing so well, despite having a cold and being on drugs…. the ones that you get over-the-counter, not the recreational kind, people. Relax!

During the interview segment, Fallon said he was sick at home, hopped up on Sudafed while watching 'SNL.' Mmm hmm. We still think he could've soldiered on and reprised his role on the amazing 'Barry Gibb Talk Show.' We're just bitter.

JT also warned viewers about being medicated. "I'm on weird drugs right now, anything could happen on national TV right now," the singer/actor admitted.

He also revealed his 'D--- in a Box' character is named Raif.

In Part 2, Jimmy and Justin talked about Jay-Z coming out to perform 'Suit & Tie' on 'SNL,' and Fallon pointed out that JT changed the lyrics to reflect the Kanye West diss. "I don't remember that, did I change a line? It is live…" JT said. "Everyone keep calm," to which Fallon replied, "Keep calm and Kanye on."

JT was quick to diplomatically say, "For the record, I absolutely love Kanye. We love Kanye, right?"

JT being a class act about it on national TV only serves to make 'Ye look like a bigger jacka-- for dissing 'Suit & Tie.'

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