The Super Bowl -- the one that numbered XXXVIII and took place in 2004 -- is the site of Justin Timberlake's biggest headline. We're now at Super Bowl XLVII and we're left to wonder -- should JT take the stage?

Let's assess why it might be a very good idea and for what reasons.

Nine years ago, the singer performed with Janet Jackson and grabbed her boob, ripping off a panel of her black leather top. It was the mother of all wardrobe malfunctions, the yardstick by which all future nip slips would be measured and would pale in comparison to. People still talk about it nearly a decade later. Now, it's been announced that the singer will perform at an event on the eve of this year's Super Bowl, marking his return to live performing after a detour in romantic comedies that saw him put music on the backburner for over six years. His proximity to the big game has us wondering: Will Justin Timberlake take the stage at the halftime show this year, which is headlined by Beyonce?

Honestly, it's entirely possible and here's why.

His comeback hit 'Suit & Tie' features a rap cameo by Jay-Z, husband of Beyonce. Bey and JT are pals, too, so why wouldn't he make a return to the scene of the crime, so to speak, that helped further rocket launch his career. JT managed to escape unscathed after Nipplegate. It didn't indelibly stain his career, other than the existence of some lingering jokes.

While Destiny's Child bandmate Michelle Williams tried (and failed) to make it seem like she can't appear at the big show since she has other commitments, we think she was throwing up a smokescreen to keep it a surprise. Even if Destiny reunites or not, there is no reason that Bey can't make it a party and invite even more of her famous friends to the stage with her. There's always room at the Halftime Inn.

We know she's the Queen and it's her thang, but still. Madonna had a host of guests last year, including Nicki Minaj and LMFAO. Plus, JT could perform his comeback single on a major, national stage, with an assist from Jay-Z. It's killing two birds with one stone.

It's not like JT is a B-list pop star, either. He's money. He's A-list. His 'Future Sex/Love Sounds' record established that he was no joke, even though his Janet Jackson foible two years prior to that album's release was a joke.

It's time for JT to really show the world that he's baaaaack. He's bringin' 'Sexyback' and all that shizzay.

Bey, did you extend that invite yet?

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