Karmin are crashing quite a few parties in their new video for their first original single, 'Crash Your Party.' That is, before they throw their own shindig -- which looks like the most fun anyway.

The video starts out in small room with a keyboard, where the duo (Nick Noonan and fiancee Amy Heidemann) are doing their thing -- then they appear on a blog onscreen (not Popcrush, unfortunately!). A bit later, the keyboard case opens and turns into stairs that apparently take them back in time.

The couple appear in a vintage looking kitchen, which they apparently don't enjoy, so they do what anyone else would. They climb into the refrigerator (what?!), which leads them into a nightclub. The duo crashes the stage, then appear on the screens in a karaoke video backed by a beach.

Soon they're in an outdoor cafe, getting photographed by paparazzi. The photographers chase the couple, who seek refuge in a lip-printed dumpster -- which takes them to another location. This time they're in a dimly lit room blowing out candles on a "Karmin cake." They're crashing their own party!

The pair then exit yet again, and wind up onstage at a blue-lit jazzy club, then into what looks like their studio, where it's just a keyboard and a mic. There are brief glimpses of a child's party where the kids are dancing along -- including one tyke who looks a lot like Willow Smith. The pair wind up onstage at their own concert, backed by lights and a screen and facing dancing fans.

While Noonan and Heidemann first went viral for their covers of Chris Brown's 'Look At Me Now' and Lil Wayne's '6 Foot 7 Foot,' they're focusing on releasing original tracks hereon. 'Crash Your Party' is the pair's first single from their upcoming debut album, due in February.

Watch the Karmin 'Crash Your Party' Video