Katy Perry may be going through a "f---ing dark" phase right now, but you wouldn't know it based on her mood at Coachella -- though her hair may give it away. The singer rocked a new shade at the festival, where she was all smiles in the company of her favorite man.

That man being her BFF, Markus Molinari. Is it us or does he go with her everywhere?! E! Online reports that Perry hit up a late night party at the California music festival with her bestie on Friday (April 13). Since it was Friday the 13th, Perry's wardrobe matched the spookiness of the day and the tone of her upcoming album: dark. She was clad in head to toe black, from her fedora to her lace gown to her skeletal tights.

One thing that wasn't black? Perry's new 'do. Her hair, once blonde, then brown, then black, then orange, then blonde again, then pink, then blonde yet again, then blue (phew, still with us?) is now a beautiful shade of indigo.

Perry imbibed on some cocktails with her pals around 2 AM with sources telling E! that the 'Part of Me' songstress was "in a great mood" despite her dark attire. We're happy to hear it!