On tonight's (July 5) episode of 'Duets,' the superstars and amateurs were asked to sing standards. The walking wounded Kelly Clarkson, who has a hairline fracture in her foot, selected 'Feelin' Good,' popularized by jazz singer Nina Simone, for her duet with Jason Farol.Throughout this competition, Clarkson has outshined and overshadowed the amateurs she was singing with. It's not her fault that she has one helluva voice that upstaged anyone she sang with. We think she's made the conscious effort to let Farol come into the spotlight over the past two weeks. For 'Feelin' Good,' Clarkson was still the focal point as her voice cannot be contained or made smaller, even when she has to remain seated because she has an injured foot. Still, there were a few points in which Farol was able to assert himself and he came into his own.

That said, Farol has improved steadily each week that he has taken the stage on 'Duets.' His confidence is growing and he has developed a little bit of swagger. Perhaps Jason Farol has emerged as the dark horse? Could be. He keeps hanging in there and that's nothing to sneeze at.

So who are you voting for, America?

Watch Kelly Clarkson + Jason Farol Perform 'Feelin' Good' on 'Duets'