Kelly Clarkson doesn't care what people think, because they don't know a thing about her. In her new 'Mr. Know It All' video, the original 'American Idol' gets fed up about with of the tabloid rumors and decides to fight back.

While in the video, Kelly is inarguably looking fly while touching on some deep-rooted issues. She's shown sitting on a stool in a large room wallpapered with newspaper pages, which on closer inspection appear to be headlines circulating all of the untrue rumors about her. The "wall of doubt," as she calls it in a behind-the-scenes look, touches on everything from her relationships to her weight.

As the song progresses, so does Kelly's attitude, and she goes from being alone in the room to being backed by silhouettes of her band members, playing along to her fierce song. She's clearly fired up, and the video gives flashes of her dressed to the nines in a shiny purple gown, belting it out with a big smile on her face. Really, you can't bring this girl down.

At the end of the video, the 'Since U Been Gone' girl packs her bag, rips down the hateful headlines to reveal a mountainous scene, and walks off into the open desert.

'Mr. Know It All' appears on Kelly Clarkson's forthcoming Oct. 25 release, 'Stronger.'

Watch the Kelly Clarkson 'Mr. Know It All' Video