Well, you can't accuse party-hard advocate Kesha of not walking like she talks it. The singer made news at a Rihanna show in Australia recently by making out with Scottish singer Calvin Harris so passionately that one eyewitness told the Melbourne Herald Sun they were "practically fornicating."

To be fair, this wasn't just a random encounter for either party, as the 'We R Who We R' singer opened for Harris on his 2009 UK tour. When Kesha heard that Harris was performing, the singer, who was already in Australia, apparently flew to Melbourne to check out the show.

Tweeting about the evening for his fans later, Harris, who is opening for Rihanna on her overseas tour, said, "2nd Melbourne show with Rihanna went great! Lots of people in town for Future festival too so was a fun night!" Yeah, sounds like it.

Kesha has always been very open about sex, and this stems from the way her mother approached the topic. In an interview with the London Times in January, Kesha said, "My mom left me at home when I was 14 with a credit card and a box of condoms and the keys to the car and said, 'Don't get pregnant and don't drink and drive. I had to be responsible for myself."

Kesha also just announced that her mug will appear on the wrappers of 10,000 freebie condoms at her upcoming shows. Maybe she can snag a few for her next, and hopefully more private, encounter with Harris.