Kid Cudi goes the psychedelic route on 'Perfect Is the Word,' a new song apparently recorded by his rock group with Da Dot Genius called 2 Be Continuum.

The song sounds like a more extreme version of 'Pursuit of Happiness,' the rock-edged Cudi tune featuring MGMT and Ratatat. It's the kind of song that grows stronger with repeated listens, but it's still pretty weird.

Give Cudi credit for going all-in with the rock thing, from the fuzzed-out guitars to the dark, echo effect on his vocals. In places, he even sings in a British accent. Good luck trying to figure out what he's singing about, though.

"I won't away, cowards run away," Cudi repeats on the song's hook. Later, he sings: "Safety is the word, it's the main thing that the lost souls want / Well, not me, I know things, know things / Things that I wish I had not."

'Perfect Is the Word' is probably a bit too out-there for the pop audience, but it's nice to see Cudi experimenting and growing as an artist.

2 Be Continuum have not announced a release date for their debut project. Cudi just released the video for his solo track 'Marijuana.'

Listen to Kid Cudi, 'Perfect Is the Word'