Kim Kardashian and Idina Menzel have both traded in their brunette locks for sunnier, more golden hues. Whose blond hair do you like better?

When Kim Kardashian dyed her trademark brunette hair a bleached blond, the internet went a little cray with the memes -- especially those comparisons to Draco Malfoy from Harry Potter. (Even Tom Felton -- Malfoy himself! -- had something to say about it.) While the look is definitely a bold one, we have to commend Kim for taking such a daring risk in the name of fashion. And you know what? She can still rock it! Though we prefer her summery blond highlights to the all-over platinum color, we have to admit that Kim K. definitely knows how to make a statement in an impressive way. Work it, lady!

Our initial reaction to Idina Menzel's new blond hue? She's one step closer to officially becoming her Frozen character, Queen Elsa! Since we've never seen the Broadway star anything but brunette -- though we have seen her green, thanks to Wicked! -- we were pretty surprised at first. But we love how the lighter color softens her face, and not to mention we are totally digging the ash blond hue. Now all she needs is the perfect braid to complete her Idina-to-Elsa transformation!

Whose blond hair is your fave? Cast your vote for Kim Kardashian or Idina Menzel in the poll below!

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