Kristen Stewart just took the plunge and dyed her locks orange for her upcoming movie, 'American Ultra.' Of course, she is not the only lady celeb to rock the bold neon shade. Lady Gaga appeared on the cover of 'Rolling Stone' with orange tresses, and Hayley Williams of Paramore has made the eye-popping shade her signature over the years. Which leading lady rocks the orange hair best?

It could be the quality of the Instagram pic, but Kristen Stewart's hair seems to be more of a faded pumpkin hue. Of course, that's not to say that the color is washed out. In fact, it was probably a smart choice for Stewart to don the toned-down shade, considering neon orange hair is a difficult hue to pull off. And she leaves her roots dark -- albeit, a style we're typically not huge fans of -- but it makes sense for Stewart, who has dark eyebrows. While we prefer her trademark brown locks, it's always fun to change up your look, and Stewart rocks the fun and funky shade well for her new film.

Lady Gaga donned orange locks on the cover of Rolling Stone in 2011 -- and like Stewart, rocks a lighter, almost ombre shade of the hue. On the cover, Gaga does her tresses up in her trademark hair bow, which shows off the darker, reddish tones on the top of her head. As her hair falls, the color fades into a super-light orange at the bottom that almost matches her skin tone. Mother Monster is known for her ever-changing looks, but the orange hair is one that we wish stuck around for a little more.

Hayley Williams has the brightest tresses of the bunch. Remember how we said that the neon orange shade is a difficult one to pull off? Well, if anyone can, it's the pint-sized Paramore frontwoman, who does not hold back when it comes to bold hair color. Williams' hair is electric, and the short, sharply-angled length only helps accentuate the bright pop of color. Her hair is so fiery that it almost reminds us of Chuckie from 'Rugrats,' but of course we mean it in the best way possible. The Paramore singer is one of the only celebs we know that can pull off hair this bright -- and it only adds to her already spitfire personality. We love it!

Who pulls off orange locks the best? Cast your vote for Kristen Stewart, Lady Gaga or Hayley Williams in the poll below!

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