Her Chariot awaits!

We guess Emma's been kicked to the curb or rolled over or ditched, as Lady Gaga has upgraded her wheelchair. While Mama Monster recovers from the hip surgery that forced her to table the Born This Way Ball tour and to come off the road, she had Ken Borochov of luxury brand Mordekai design her a wheelchair fit for a queen.

The one-of-a-kind wheelchair is certainly a swaggy mode of transportation. It's 24-karat gold plated and boasts a black leather seat with a removable leather canopy, according to The New York Post. It also fully reclines.

The wheelchair is her throne, and likely cost Ma Monster a pretty penny. Borochov also had just a week to create the chair, which didn't give him much time. But it has a vintage rock 'n' roll yet expensive look to it. He was inspired by both a throne and a leather jacket when he created it.

Borochov, who’s designed pieces for Nicki Minaj and Kanye West, said, "I certainly wasn't expecting that phone call and have never done a wheelchair but am always up for a challenge and was thrilled to create what I affectionately dubbed 'The Chariot,' a chair fit only for a queen."

This is the first we've seen Gaga since her surgery. She has been quiet on Twitter since Feb. 21, only tweeting to express her appreciation for the monsterly support from her fans during the tour's cancellation. So it's like she came out of hibernation. But she looks gorge!

But we have to point out -- check out those Oxfords. She obvs can't wear her signature towering, neckbreaker platforms right now, but those things look like she stole 'em from Taylor Swift's closet. Only when she is seriously injured will Gaga resort to flats. We're still in a state of shock that we actually saw Gaga in flats. The door is coming off the hinges. The universe is no longer aligned.

She also nuzzled up with her photog pal Terry Richardson, who shared the photos on his site.

Monsters and PopCrushers, what do you think of Gaga's ride? Is this is a case of celebrity excess or Gaga being Gaga?


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