While Beyonce and Jay-Z's pals are gifting them with loads of posh, luxe gifts for week-old daughter Blue Ivy, which they are donating to charity, Bey's 'Telephone' partner Lady Gaga sent the infant a cute and customized onesie that could only have come from the likes of Gaga. We're hoping that Bey holds onto this gift for her little girl.

According to The Sun, Gaga sent a onesie with the words "Little Monster" scrawled across the front in pink diamante. Gaga's supreme token of affection to her fans is her pet name for them, so labeling Blue Ivy as such is Gaga's way of bestowing her love. Blue Ivy has led a charmed (and busy) life in her initial week on earth, appearing in a song, landing on the Billboard charts, receiving a gift and concert invite from Gaga. Lucky gal!

Sources report that Gaga included a note telling Bey that Blue needed to wear the onesie to her first Lady Gaga concert. While Gaga and Bey aren't besties or BFFs, they have remained close and stay in touch via text and email ever since they worked on 'Telephone' together. The sources says that Gaga knew Bey would find the gift "hilarious."

Paws up, Blue!