We are already well aware of Lady Gaga's domination of the digital space: 12 million Twitter followers. A stint in Gagaville. The female with the most Facebook fans up until last month. The list goes on and on, as she's one of the most active artists of the plugged-in generation and tends to occupy plenty of digital real estate. Now, Mother Monster, along with Kanye West, is investing in the buzzed-about startup, Turntable.fm.

Business Insider reports that Gaga and West have contributed to the 7.5 million round of financing lead by Union Square Ventures. The service is still in beta form, but it's essentially a social networking platform where you join and then create a DJ avatar that both listens to music and serves as a DJ.

You can listen to music with others, give a thumbs up or a thumbs down to their tunes and if you get enough positive feedback about your particular music, you earn DJ points, which allow you to unlock access to new avatars. It's a world of virtual DJing where the music you like is validated by others saying it's cool or not -- like wearing a hip band t-shirt in the virtual world.

Right now, Turntable.fm is invitation only (ooooh, exclusive!), but you can gain access to the site if you are friends with some on Facebook who is already using the service. Right now, 300,000 people are DJing on Turntable.fm, and with Lady Gaga and Kanye West among the financial backers, the site has another boost of cred that is sure to bring in a wave of new members.