Lady Gaga will debut the full, Stephen Klein-directed film that celebrates the wonder of her Fame fragrance on Sept. 13 at the Guggenheim Museum in her native New York City. It's going to be quite the gala, which is to be expected when you're talking about a fashion queen and game changer like Stefani Germanotta.

According to The New York Times, the Mother Monster is also set to perform at the event, which is being described as a black-tie masquerade party. The event kicks off at 7:30PM. What a fitting way to close New York Fashion Week. A Gaga hosted party has got to be a good time, especially for the fabulously fashionable in the Big Apple.

We also heard a little rumor that there is a condition for the attire at this fancy, schmancy, black-tie fete. All attendees must wear hats. But not any old hat will do. Gaga takes millinery very seriously – remember when she applied to intern at English hatmaker Philip Treacy? -- and gals must wear crowns tiaras or lobster chapeaus.

So there sounds like some sort of princess motif going on here, which is familiar as Gaga pre-promotes 'ARTPOP,' since Mother Monster did say on multiple occasions that Disney princesses have inspired both 'ARTPOP' and her fiber optic, light up wig.

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