Lady Gaga continues to tease fans with tidbits of 'Born This Way' with the release of the single artwork for 'The Edge of Glory' and a snippet from 'Marry the Night.' Although 'Judas' recently hit the airwaves as the newest single from 'Born This Way,' Gaga is already gearing up to unleash the third track single off of her highly-anticipated upcoming album.

Gaga released the official single artwork for the song 'Edge of Glory,' which could hit iTunes as early as 4PM ET tomorrow, according to Gaga's official Twitter page. 'The Edge of Glory' will not be an official single, but is being released to give fans another taste of the album (UPDATE: Gaga has confirmed that 'The Edge of Glory' will be released an official single). Considering the song's title and the fact it is the last track on 'Born This Way,' we are thinking that it is going to be another epic Gaga anthem.

In the artwork, an open-mouthed, semi-nude Gaga is pictured entirely in black-and-white aside from her crimson lipstick. Her hair whirls around the shot as she brings her black dagger-like nails up to her mouth in a sensual manner. She is also donning her spiked cheek modifiers and dramatic black eye makeup.

In the 'Marry the Night' snippet, Gaga can be heard singing about a "warrior queen" over high-pitched, organ-like keys. The snippet is very short, and from the sound of things, 'Marry the Night'  sounds like one of Gaga's slower ballads; however, the pop singer has said in the past that 'Marry the Night' will be a big hit in the clubs. Rumors are also swirling that this song will be the official third single off of 'Born This Way.'

In other Gaga news, the shock pop vixen recently will be performing on the season finale of 'American Idol,' and her 'Monster Ball' special aired last night on HBO. 'Born This Way' is just a couple of weeks away, so put your paws up and get pumped little monsters!

Listen to the Lady Gaga, 'Marry the Night' Snippet