It's been a rough week for Lady Gaga in the digital space. First, her YouTube account was temporary suspended due to copyright infringement issues. Then, Rihanna passed her as the most popular female artist on Facebook. Now, over the weekend, the 'Born This Way' singer's official UK website was hacked, which lead to thousands of her little monsters' info being stolen and comprised, according to DigitalSpy.

Poor Gaga. For as digitially visible as she is, it's sort of biting her in the you-know-what, thanks to the not-so-nice actions of hackers.

Several sources report that Swag Seg, a US based group that (according to DigitalSpy) publicly revealed its plans to attack the websites of Gaga and fellow pop stars Amy Winehouse and Justin Bieber. The hack allegedly took place on June 27, with names and email addresses being lifted, but the information was only made public this week.

Gaga's overseas label, Universal, contacted the authorities, revealing that "the hackers took a content database dump from and a section of email, first name and last name records were accessed. There were no passwords or financial information taken." Well, thank goodness for that!

The label also stated that they "take this very seriously and have put in place additional measures to protect personally identifiable information. All those affected have been advised."

Gaga is reportedly upset about the matter, and hopes that the cops will be able to solve this case and problem. We really hope that this security breach doesn't cause Gaga to pull back from her activity in the digital realm. We're also glad to hear that the hack wasn't much worse, since it could have been.

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