About the only things Lex Land and Charlotte Sometimes have in common are their dark hair and that they're both on Blake Shelton's team on 'The Voice.' So it made perfect sense for the country coach to pair them up to battle-sing Foster the People's 'Pumped Up Kicks.'

The shy and quiet camp counselor Land recognized that she would have to come out of her shell to beat Sometimes, the comedic singer from New Jersey. "You can't really win against a Jersey girl," Sometimes said. It turns out she was right, at least during this round. It was like watching Adele battle Snooki, if Snooki could sing and wasn't so irritating.

Land was paired with Shelton's wife Miranda Lambert, who recognized the contestant's talent, and that she needed to not be intimidated by Sometimes' more outgoing personality. "There's a mystery to you that's like something draws me to you, I wanna know more about you," Lambert said.

For Sometimes, it was about reeling in her personality. "Vocally she's stellar, she's got a killer vibe about her voice," Kelly Clarkson said. The smart money was on Land after she appeared in the Kia driving to the audition. Hey, it worked for RaeLynn last week.

Neither singer showed much personality on stage, as each stood idly watching the other take a verse. Shelton said he recognized some pitch issues early in Land's performance, but praised her smoky whisper. "It's like, what in the hell did she just do?" he said.

In the end, Sometimes' consistency was too much to overcome. She also seemed to be more comfortable in front of a live audience, something that will only help her during the live rounds. Land was sent home, but still turned in a subtly stellar performance of her own.

Watch Charlotte Sometimes and Lex Land Perform 'Pumped Up Kicks' on 'The Voice'