While Little Mix's enlivening lyrics typically point to the power of wings or lady-centric salutes, an excerpt from new track "Hair" has drawn heads for being uncharacteristically cheeky — and we might know who's on its receiving end.

In the song, which compares getting over a guy to lopping off dead ends, the ladies plainly say: "Cause he was just a dick and I knew it / Got me going mad sitting in this chair / Like I don't care." And in an interview with UTV's Total Access caught by MTV News, they expanded on where the sudden aggression—particularly in the context of the d-word—came from.

"Well you know sometimes when you break-up with someone they are that word so it’s all right to say in a song," Jade Thirlwall said, before Perrie Edwards chimed in with "Yeah it is. He was just a bell-end and I knew it."

Considering Edwards was dumped in August by One Direction member Zayn Malik—to whom she was previously engaged—rumors began to fly that he was "Hair"'s intended target. The couple had been together for three years before Malik reportedly called things off via text message. He'd also been accused of cheating before the couple decided to get married.

Do you think Perrie's definitely calling Zayn out with her remark? Listen to the track below, tell us what you think of her words (and if you'll start incorporating "bell-end" into your lexicon).

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