Madonna's directorial debut 'W.E.' is buzzing almost as much as her new album, which despite a Fort Knox-type attempt at security, sprung a few leaks in recent weeks. A new film poster has been released, featuring the main characters, lovers Wallis and Edward, set against a sky blue background. It's a beautiful and frame-worthy image, especially if you like this era in history.

Edward is giving Wallis a piggy-back ride, as she clings to him. Neither are looking at the camera,and the tagline reads: "Wallis. Edward. Their affair ignited a scandal. Their passion brought down an empire." This shot certainly captures the intensity of their romance.

It sounds like a salacious, thrilling drama, and who better to handle the telling of this fiery, scandalous love story than Madonna, who has often been at the center of controversy and exciting art since she arrived on the scene in the '80s? The film is the Material Girl's passion project, as she is pounding the pavement promoting it like crazy. She is giving it her all, which should help drum up stateside interest for the period piece.

'W.E.' will be released domestically on Feb. 3. That'll be the busiest of weeks for Madge, as she is set to provide the halftime show entertainment at the Super Bowl on Feb. 5.

While 2011 was Lady Gaga's year, it looks like Madge is going to own 2012, thanks to all this activity surrounding her. The original diva is ready to retake her crown.