Maejor Ali stopped by the PopCrush compound recently to chat with us about all the exciting things going on in his world. Trust us -- there's a lot happening with this up-and-coming talent, who released 'Lolly,' featuring Justin Bieber.

Some of the hot topics of conversation?

He explained why he is inspired by boxer Muhammad Ali and why he incorporated his name into his own.

Ali also spoke about all the artists he has worked with and written for, from Bieber to Cody Simpson and beyond. He said he tries to make his songs fit the artist he is writing for, and makes the songs connect to their lives, as opposed to just stockpiling stuff to give away to pop stars to use.

He doesn't regret giving any of his hits away, either. He's likely handsomely compensated for the tracks he pens, so it's all good in the hood.

He also spoke about being signed to IDJ, and what he has done recently with The Biebs. We're not telling you here; you have to watch the interview and find out.

Ali is not sure what's in store, album-wise, but he is going to continue to do songs and collabos that you won't be able to predict.