You can thank Cupid for new music! Marina and the Diamonds love their fans so much that they dropped a new track for Valentine's Day.

The song is a bit of a beat-heavy track, evoking Depeche Mode and Britney Spears. Singer Marina Diamandis' voice is deeper than normal, which is a little bit jarring on the chorus, because it's harmonized with a falsetto.

The song examines the dissolution of a relationship and how fast something can devolve from something beautiful to something painful. Diamandis sings, "It only takes two lonely people / To f--- love up and make it evil / It only takes a drop of evil / To f--- up two beautiful people / L-O-V-E / L-O-V-E / E-V-O-L."

Yes, in this song 'E.V.O.L.' means "evil."

The song was accompanied by an inexplicable video, featuring Diamandis in a public bathroom in a biker jacket alternated with footage of the gorgeous singer in a blond wig and Marilyn Monroe-style pinup makeup. It's best if you don't try to understand it and just enjoy it for what it is.

Listen to Marina and the Diamonds, 'E.V.O.L.'