The 1975 frontman Matt Healy has addressed those pesky Taylor Swift dating rumors. Speaking to Australia radio show 2DayFM, Healy reiterates that he and T. Swift are, in fact, not an item.

"It is bloody fake. It's all fake. It's all a farce," he explained to the hosts on the same show that inadvertently started the relationship rumors in the first place. But Matt, who previously told the hosts that he and Taylor had exchanged numbers, doesn't hold a grudge.

"If your mate had just met Taylor Swift, you're gonna ask him about that, right? 'Cause it's Taylor Swift," he said. Still, there's nothing romantic going on between the two.

"We met each other. We exchanged numbers in the same way a lot of people in this kind of world do," he explained. "We spoke occasionally. She's the biggest pop star in the world. I'm in Australia. There's no, like, relationship or anything happening. It's funny how people really buy into that."

While the British rocker admitted that "it would be amazing" if the two were to actually date, he explained that all of the rumors surrounding his relationship with Taylor was a bit like how he immediately started getting comparisons to Harry Styles -- and the media suddenly thought they were all buddy-buddy.

"It was like with Harry Styles. There is nobody I know less on the planet than Harry Styles. There's nobody that I've laid eyes on less than Harry Styles," he joked. "Music or whatever, hair whatever, people start talking about us. … We were best friends, we were hanging out a lot … Those things spiral out of control."

There you have it, Swifties: Matt Healy and Taylor Swift are officially NOT a couple. Watch Matt's interview here.

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