Meghan Trainor has been forced to shut down rumors linking her and Harry Styles together, romantically, and like, what a problem to have, right? But the reason for the rumors is that Meghan and Harry have, admittedly, spent some time together recently. The reason? They wrote a song together -- which isn't exactly new information, but what is new is the snippet of a track some are assuming is the duet she wrote with Harry that Meghan played for Captial FM Breakfast last week. What!?

Meghan gave us a preview of her upcoming song, 'London Lights,' during her radio visit, after assuring everyone that there was nothing going on between she and Harry. So while she didn't necessarily confirm that the track was the same one she and Harry split writing duties on, we can dream, right? The lyrics are way too cute, "Got me looking at London lights / Wishing you were here with me in these London lights / Saying that you love how I got hazel eyes / And honestly I won't catch up on sleep tonight / I been looking at London lights and missing you."

So while it wasn't exactly totally confirmed that that's the track she wrote with Harry -- to be fair, we previously reported that their track was called 'Someday Maybe' -- we kind of hope it is! Either way, we're definitely excited for the finished product!

Click over to MTV to check out the video and let us know what you think!

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