We're sure the engagement ring that Liam Hemsworth bought for Miley Cyrus cost the actor a pretty penny, so let's hope he purchased insurance for the rock, since it already needed a repair.

That's why Cyrus has been spotted sans her ring.

A-ha! So there it is -- some info on the couple's status. Cyrus is ringless because it's in the shop, not because she and her Aussie hunk have bailed on their relationship or have become uncoupled.

Cyrus responded to a friend's tweet about getting her engagement ring fixed and it's the first time she has addressed the split rumors, albeit indirectly. Perhaps the recent source that said the couple is still on speaking terms is correct.

Or perhaps Cyrus is being super savvy with the press corps.

While rumors continue to spiral that the singer/actress and her fiancé have called it quits as he has escaped to his native Australia in order to catch a break from Cyrus and their issues, neither has officially commented on the relationship or its status.

Miley Ray is usually quite vocal on Twitter, but she's been tight-lipped, letting speculation soar. While it's perfectly possible that they are not making any sort of comment since everything is fine and they don't feel the need to clarify or confirm anything with the press, we'd be lying if we didn't say that things don't seem to be totally okay. Something appears to be up -- we're just not sure what.

However, the fact that Miley's rock is in the shop getting a repair gives us hope that she and Hemsworth remain an item.

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