Her movie may be called 'LOL,' but we don't think Miley Cyrus is laughing at this news. The 'Can't Be Tamed' singer's upcoming film is slated for a limited theater release.

Sources told the Los Angeles Times that the movie's production company, Lionsgate, isn't confident that it can sell the film well as a wide release. Following two flops ('Abduction' and 'Conan the Barbarian') and the massive success of 'The Hunger Games,' which stars Cyrus' boyfriend, Liam Hemsworth, the studio's priorities have shifted away from the mother-daughter teen comedy.

It can also be noted that costar Demi Moore's recent rehab stint, along with Cyrus' own recent mishaps, likely didn't help the marketing campaign, either.

In fact, Lionsgate didn't want to release the film until after 'The Hunger Games' hoopla died down -- and even considered sending it straight to DVD, but contractual clauses with Mandate Films, the Lionsgate subsidiary that produced the movie, required it to be shown in at least 100 U.S. theaters. The film will be released in seven cities only on May 4 -- the same weekend as surefire blockbuster 'The Avengers,' starring Liam Hemsworth's brother, Chris --  and with minimal press accompanying it.

It's a pretty raw deal considering Cyrus has proven to have a pretty good box office record. Her two 'Hannah Montana' films each grossed close to $70 and $80 million, respectively, and her tearjerker, 'The Last Song' (where she met Liam!) earned $63 million.

Hopefully Cyrus' summer film, 'So Undercover,' in which she co-stars with Kelly Osbourne, fares better.